As a company, we stand behind the work we do. Apart from the manufacturer warranties, we offer a labor warranty on all HVAC systems we install for one year after the date of installation. New HVAC systems generally have a 10 year warranty in residential settings. As both a Bosch Pro and an LG Excellence accredited contractor, we are proud to offer our customers extended 12 year warranties on registered home Bosch and LG HVAC systems.

Warranties on parts vary by part and manufacturer, but most range from 30 days to one year for service-related issues and generally are for the part only and not labor. However, all of our service calls are warrantied for a reasonable amount of time should we return to find that we did not properly complete our repair.

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The characteristics that set ThermalTran apart from other mechanical contractors are the extensive training that each technician receives before they enter the field daily. Our company fosters a culture of education and our desire to stay on the cutting edge of mechanical technology to ensure that the client receives the best possible service.

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