Geothermal Pricing Guide

It’s easy to feel frustrated while researching how much geothermal heating and cooling costs. Many articles present extreme price ranges with little insight into the factors that affect the system’s price. Without this knowledge, it isn’t easy to understand the value of a geothermal installation or feel confident you’re paying a fair price.

For example, some online resources only provide the price of the heat pump without factoring in drilling, installation, or trenching–essential components that account for 55% to 75% (or even more!) of the total system price. In short, these numbers can set false expectations for potential geothermal buyers.

The team at ThermalTran created this guide to serve homeowners interested in geothermal, whether you’re just browsing, evaluating your options, or in the midst of making a decision. While an energy consultation and site survey are the best way to get an accurate quote, the following information will get you started. If you feel lost, don’t let your heart be troubled, we are here to serve you.

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