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What Is ThermalTran Mission Statement Our Promise Our Culture Core Values Team Benefits

What is Thermaltran Mechanical?

ThermalTran is more than just a full-service mechanical contracting company. We started our existence in 2007 when Ryan Mattox began servicing and installing heat pumps for his friends and family. ThermalTran Mechanical was initially called “Air Tech, Inc,” but the company name changed to ThermalTran Mechanical as it became clear that our scope of work was much wider than that of a typical HVAC company. We now include commercial and industrial refrigeration, scientific stability chambers, duct system design, cascade refrigeration, and other specialized parts of the mechanical world in our areas of expertise.

The name ThermalTran is a combination of the words “Thermal” and “Transfer”. It is a humble reminder that our primary mission is that of a logistics company. At our core, our main mission is the movement of heat energy from one place to another. Also, we’re a “we can find a way to make that work” company. A consulting company. An experimental refrigeration company. A scientific stability chamber company. But mostly, a company full of passionate people who love the mechanical systems we create.

We have a reputation with our clients that we go above and beyond to provide stellar customer service. We are the ethical and thoughtful company you would want to call if your grandma needed her heat pump replaced. We are the innovative and meticulous company you would want to hire for your dream home. And we are the technically trained, high-quality company you would call if you have important scientific research to store in a no-fail facility. In fact, we have worked in all of these scenarios to provide excellence in every area and go the extra mile for our clients.

What is ThermalTran

Our Mission Statement

ThermalTran exists to establish trust in the skilled trades through passionate service, uncompromising integrity, and technical expertise.

Our Promise to our Team

ThermalTran is committed to providing our team members with a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of ThermalTran. Above all, team members are provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every ThermalTran client. The mission of ThermalTran Mechanical is to equip men and women to fight the battles of life through high-stakes adventure in the mechanical trades. ThermalTran exists to prepare men and women to confidently answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?” with a resounding “YES!”

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The ThermalTran Company Culture and Core Values

TEAM – We are team members, not employees.

The leadership at ThermalTran has always taken issue with the word “employee.” Our leadership team believes that the word employee has taken on a dry, disengaged, and even a negative socially stratifying context. Moreover, whenever the word employee is found, the idea of a boss is sure to follow. We abhor the term “boss” due to all the stigma surrounding the label. ThermalTran’s leadership consists of what we call “Team Leaders.” On our team, we have an unequivocal definition of what constitutes a leader. A leader is someone that puts others before themselves. Leadership is the choice to serve others with or without the formal rank. Put simply; a leader is a servant. Leaders exist to serve the team. ThermalTran will not allow anyone into a leadership role until they have clearly exhibited this behavior consistently over a sufficient period. Team leaders also have the role of coach. They train their teams, help them practice, and then assign them to the position that is best for the team.

Our Core Values

Always protect the team. 

Always protecting the team means always looking out for your team members. Mentor new team members while also listening and learning from your team. Lend a hand to team members who are struggling. Look for ways to make everyone’s experience better. Maintain high standards of personal behavior both at work and in your personal life. Paraphrasing Coach Pete Carroll here: Seek outcomes that will protect and enhance your family, your teammates, and your organization.

Be strong and courageous - We make decisions courageously; never from a place of fear.

Here at ThermalTran, we discuss leadership and its application to our team. But out of all the leadership skills we discuss, the ability to make a decision is the most important.

At ThermalTran, we aim to teach you how to punch fear in the face. This is a prized skill that all organizations seek. ThermalTran needs people who are capable of making decisions because those decisions ultimately keep us moving forward.

We take responsibility for who we are and what we do.
Eliminate blame, victim-thinking, and procrastination.

This ThermalTran axiom has been adapted from the principles in John G. Miller’s handbook called QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life. The book aims to help eliminate blame, complaining, and procrastination and addresses what he feels is a significant issue: the lack of personal accountability in our world today.

Many of the organizations that we see today reflect our society’s tendency to blame other people, act like a victim, and generally not take responsibility for their own actions. The idea that we are accountable for our own choices and are free to make better ones is fundamental to the QBQ. Miller writes, “Sometimes people think they have no choice. They’ll say things like, “I have to” or “I can’t.” But we always have a choice. Always. Realizing this and taking responsibility for our choices is a big step toward making great things happen in our lives.”

Failure is not fatal at ThermalTran.

At ThermalTran, we realize that failure is the mark of the world’s best and brightest. As you work at ThermalTran, you will have failures, and we want you to understand that your failures can be the reason for your success.

Here are three ways to embrace your failures at ThermalTran:
Make sure you learn why you failed and how to fix the problem, so you don’t fail the same way again.

Failing means you are taking action and doing. Acknowledge failure as a sign that you are on the right track. You are creating momentum. Many never start because of the fear of failure.

Be mindful that a successful person started where you are and failed many times before they won. There is a high chance that when you take on anything complicated in life that you will fail. But the difference of success and mediocrity is in the relentlessness and persistence of getting better.

Crusade - We are warriors doing work that matters.

At ThermalTran, we don’t believe in the search for purpose. That can be a never-ending quest that leaves the seeker empty. Instead, we challenge our teams to LIVE with purpose. Having a higher calling lifts and inspires.

Here at ThermalTran, we get to change lives and show men and women that they have what it takes. Working at ThermalTran can be exceedingly rewarding since you get to spend the day around other like-minded individuals who share your passions and work with you to help you find your reason for getting up each morning. We are intentional about our crusade. Daily we battle mediocrity, the temptation to retreat, and we pursue excellence in the ordinary.

Excellence in the Ordinary - We are faithful in the little things.

Diligence is excellence in the ordinary. We understand that if we make ordinary tasks excellent, our lives will change. The ThermalTran team does an excellent job of living by this truth because they know that it is the small choices that we make each day that determine our direction. For example, when it comes to our mechanical installations, it would be easy for us to cut corners that could lead to the swift completion of a job. However, little decisions to rush a duct connection or prematurely end a system evacuation lead to broken equipment and frustration at the end of a job when someone must return to correct the errors.

Self-employed Psychology

One of the missions for ThermalTran leadership is to imbue empowerment. It is vital for us that our team members understand that they are essential to our success. We want to empower you to recognize opportunities and pursue them. We want to empower you to learn the skills you need to know to win. We want you to understand that each team member can direct the course of our company. (Which is why hiring the right team members is so important; if each person has the power to steer the ship, the wrong choices can lead to disaster.)

The small actions you take each day have a lasting impact on your team and the company as a whole. The reason ThermalTran has been so successful is because of the individual decisions that each team member makes every day. Our team understands that profit is created when revenues go up, and expenses go down.

Family - We balance family and working hard.

It doesn’t matter if you move all the heat in the universe if your family relationships suffer because you are consistently working too much. The leadership at ThermalTran understands the gravity and value of time. Time is your most valuable resource. One way the ThermalTran leadership serves our team is by focusing on the ebb and flow of balance in our team’s lives. However, it is necessary to note that we maintain an unorthodox view of a balance. We do not believe that you need to balance your life. In fact, we think that daily balance is a fable. Balance, as our culture lectures, is a myth. You will not have a perfectly balanced life concerning the spiritual, financial, vocational, family, or physical. The truth is that you don’t live a balanced life on a daily basis, but over the scope of the year, you need to work toward a balance of time with family and time at work.

For example, if you are about to run a marathon, you are out of balance because you must spend a significant portion of your time training. The same is true in your first year of marriage—you need to spend lots of time with your spouse and less with your family of origin. As your kids are growing up, you should be spending time with them instead of pursuing personal interests. Life is a series of seasons, and during some seasons, we may spend more time at work and less time at home.

As a culture, we habitually waste time and energy, and then say we are out of balance. The truth is that we are just out of balance with our time. At ThermalTran, we work really hard, but we love what we do. It is our goal to create balance over the scope of time.

No Gossip Policy - Negatives are passed upward and positives are passed all around.

Gossip is cancer to all organizations. Negative talk destroys morale, damages trust, and makes team unity nearly impossible to achieve. ThermalTran has a firm no-gossip policy. Naysayers and negative talkers don’t have a home at ThermalTran Mechanical. This directly coordinates with our first and second core values. Gossip does not benefit the team, and it is considered whining and complaining.

Shoot sacred cows - We stick by our principles. We challenge traditions.

ThermalTran does not hold to tradition for the sake of tradition. If something isn’t working, we change it. If something is broken, we fix it. We adhere to principles, not processes. ThermalTran is unflinching in our principles, but we will not hesitate to change a process to shake up the narrative if it equips the team to carry out these principles more effectively.

Integrity - We believe character matters. All of the time.

What we say when only a few are listening speaks volumes about our character. What we do when no one is watching reveals substantial truth about our character. The defining character trait ThermalTran pursues is integrity. The definition of integrity is “the state of being whole and undivided.” At ThermalTran, integrity is the crucial distinction we seek from new hires to the most senior team members.

Be early.

This core value is simple, be early. This is about being well-organized and respectful to your colleagues. We firmly believe that if you aren’t early, you are already late. This means, if a meeting is scheduled to start at 8:00, everyone is in the room, settled in, and ready for the meeting to start at 8:00. When a person arrives late, they are saying their time is more valuable than everyone else’s time, which is both inconsiderate and disrespectful to the rest of your teammates who arrived early.

Leave your workplace cleaner than when you found it.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, which means we are always prepared to clean our workspaces to leave them better than when we arrived. It is common knowledge the other trades will leave a jobsite cluttered with trash and materials, but this is not the ThermalTran way. Our job sites are not our homes, garages, or shops, and we certainly don’t have a maid service to follow behind us to clean the mess that good work inevitably produces.

Benefits Offered to Our Team

When your 90-day probationary period is over, if you are working with us full-time (35 hours+ a week), you will qualify as a full-time employee with ThermalTran. At that point, you will be eligible to begin receiving regular raises after performance reviews with Ryan. You will also begin to accrue paid time off, which you can use at your discretion.

ThermalTran provides group health insurance, and we subsidize a majority of the employee’s premiums. We offer three different plans, so our team members can choose the plan that best suits their healthcare and financial needs. Additionally, all team members after 90 days are eligible for a $50K AD&D policy and a long-term disability policy (pays 60% of earnings up to $6K per year) at no cost to them. We also offer the option to opt into a vision plan, and the ability to make pre-tax contributions to a health savings account.

ThermalTran HVAC Job Benefits

Additional Benefits

ThermalTran provides access to a variety of group supplemental policies. We do not subsidize these, but once you become full-time, you can enroll in an accident, short-term disability, or dental policy. Other than the disability policy, these are deducted pre-tax from your paychecks, so they assist you in optimizing your taxes.

We also utilize a SIMPLE IRA to help our team members save for retirement. We offer one-to-one company matching of pre-tax deductions up to 3% of employee income in order to maximize the tax benefits.

There are certain job-specific benefits that ThermalTran also offers, such as travel benefits, free/paid training, and on-call bonuses. These will come as you take on the necessary roles within the team.

ThermalTran HVAC Job benefits

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