Keep your home’s HVAC unit operating at peak performance all year long with preventative maintenance from ThermalTran.With regular maintenance, you will extend the life of your comfort system, reduce utility costs, reduce repairs, improve indoor comfort, and protect your investment. Our preventative maintenance packages start at $165 and include:

  1. Check all refrigerant controls & coil temperatures for maximum efficiency.
  2. Check condenser motor(s) and fan(s)
  3. Clean the condenser and the evaporator coil(s) if needed.
  4. Check indoor motor(s) and fan(s).
  5. Oil and lubricate moving parts, if needed.
  6. Check belts, if applicable.
  7. Check filters.
    A. Customer should change air filters no less than once per month.
    B. If filters are provided by the homeowner, we will be more than happy to replace them when we service your system.
  8. Inspect condensate pan(s) and clean drain line(s).
  9. Inspect ductwork for leaks and mold/dirt build-up.
  10. Check controls and thermostat(s).